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Another Alkivia Chameleon Problem fixed

Some might say it’s not entirely worth it, but Alkivia Chameleon is a very nice and very popular theme, so I wanted it to work!

Unfortunately (as others have complained), since the latest update (was it the WordPress update? or the Chameleon update? I’m not sure), sites using this theme no longer have any posts appearing on the home page. Yuck. It’s like losing your whole homepage. And the workaround (using widgets) just wasn’t very useful.

So I did a little poking around, and until and unless the theme author gets things working again, I have a temporary fix that seems to work just fine. It seems that the file front-page.php was the problem. I went in via FTP, renamed that file (could have deleted it, but thought I’d better not take a risk in case I still needed it. So I just called it “nono.php.” Choose your own clever name).

So anyone else who has alkivia chameleon and WordPress 3.0, and wants to keep using both, just get rid of (or rename) front-page.php and you will once again have posts on your front page. Phew!


  1. Great tip.

    If you have “Widgetize the Home Page” checked, you’ll get an error saying WordPress can’t find front-page.php. When I unchecked “Widgetize the Home Page” under “Chameleon” in Theme Settings, it worked great.

  2. Thank you a great deal for this fix. I was going crazy trying to figure this thing out. You are a life saver. I like this theme because it is so fast. My pages are loading with lightening quickness! This may change as I add more wigets, but for now, it really works fast.

  3. brilliant brilliant brilliant!
    Worked like a charm – so relieved that I won’t have to re-do all the custom tweaks made on my site!
    You deserve a medal.

  4. thanks. I just started configuring Chameleon and was stumped by that behavior. Much appreciated!

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