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Alkivia Chameleon Theme in WordPress 3.0 with Multi-Site

A very technical post–warning!

I thought I would post this, in case anyone out there on the web runs into the same problem and might google up this solution.

We make fairly extensive use of an excellent WordPress theme, Alkivia Chameleon.  It’s a very handy and customizable theme, with a nice options page.

The problem was that after an upgrade to 3.0, that nice options page was no longer available to administrators of sites using the theme–it was only available for super-admins. Not good!  And the theme is no longer being updated or maintained.

So in order to fix it, I followed a lead from Andrea, and then another lead that Boone found in fixing userthemes for us.

Alkivia Chameleon has a fairly complicated structure (to me at least!) so it’s best to document what I had to do.

Here it is–

1. Open up wp-content/themes/alkivia-chameleon/includes/theme.php (not functions.php as it would be in any ordinary theme).

2. Around line 177 you will see

function adminMenus()
 add_theme_page( __('Customize Chameleon Theme', 'aktheme'),
 array($this, 'settingsAdmin'));

3. Change that line 181 which says ‘edit_themes’, to say ‘switch_themes’,

4. That should do it!

Simple enough to do, and it allows us to keep using that very nice theme.  I’m not entirely clear why this works, but it does!

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